The Jailhouse

Craft Beer Bar

The Jailhouse is a craft beer bar located in the historic 1880s jailhouse in Buena Vista, Colorado. Featuring 10 rotating taps of craft beers from across Colorado, the United States, and abroad, plus bottles cans, and wine, The Jailhouse offers something for every palate.



Meat & Cheese Board                                               $10

Cubed Gouda, Thin Sliced Portofino Salame, Mustard, Jam, Crostini


Bread & Butter                                                           $10                                       

Jumpin Good Goat chevre, fresh pretzel bread, Honeycrisp apple

slices, pecans.


Bowl of Peanuts                                                           $6                                

All natural roasted peanuts made in Colorado

Flavors: BBQ, Salt & Pepper, Spicy Chile Chipotle 


Zapp's Potato Chips                                                    $3

New Orleans Style Kettle Potato Chips

Flavors: Voodoo, Spicy Cajun Crawtators