The Jailhouse

Craft Beer Bar

The Jailhouse is a craft beer bar located in the historic 1880s jailhouse in Buena Vista, Colorado. Featuring 10 rotating taps of craft beers from across Colorado, the United States, and abroad, plus bottles cans, and wine, The Jailhouse offers something for every palate.



Anchorage Brewing, Mosaic Saison                      

Baere Brewing, Brett Saison                                         

Buxton Brewery, Extra Stout

Casey Brewing & Blending, Family Preserve Cherry - Attika            

Casey Brewing & Blending, Apricot Cut                       

Cerebral Brewing, Monochrome Grisette                                                          

Estrella Damm, Daura (GLUTEN FREE)                 

Lindeman’s, Gueuze Cuvée René  

Off Color Brewing, Dino S'mores                        

Oud Beersel, Oude Gueuze Vieille  

Prairie, BOMB! Imperial Stout with Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla & Chilies  

Stone Brewing, Xocoveza  Winter Spiced Mocha Stout

Trois Dames, Winter Sour with Oranges & Ginger                          

TRVE Brewing, Cursed                         

TRVE Brewing, Currant Mouth                         

TRVE Brewing, Dhumavati                              

Victory Brewing, Sour Monkey                            


**Bottle List subject to change. A visit to The Jailhouse is your best bet for an up-to-date selection.**